Guided Shark Tooth and Seashell Collecting Eco Tour

Go on a guided shark tooth and seashell collecting eco tour on Manasota Beach. We will meet at the large pavilion and from there we will go to a spot I have picked out on the beach and look for sharks teeth, seashells, sea glass, fossils, and other treasures. This is a family-friendly eco tour and kids 6 years old and up are welcome. All attendees must be able to swim.

About this experience

Embark on an exciting shark tooth hunting and seashell collecting adventure at Manasota Beach, a sparkling jewel in Englewood, Florida, on Manasota Key. Known as the gateway to the Shark Tooth Capital of the World, Venice, Florida, Manasota Beach offers an unrivaled opportunity for this unique and engaging activity.

Experience the thrill of the hunt as you comb through the sandy shores of this serene beach, each scoop leading you closer to ancient treasures. This adventure is centered on the fascinating world of sharks and their teeth, offering a unique blend of outdoor fun and natural history.

While the primary focus is Manasota Beach, the history and legends of the region's rich coastal environment, including nearby beaches like Caspersen Beach, Englewood Beach, and Blind Pass Beach, imbues our tour with a sense of connection to the greater Englewood and Venice areas.

You'll delve into intriguing facts about sharks, the origin of their teeth, and how these fossils have become a part of Florida's beach landscapes. This isn't merely a beach visit; it's a captivating treasure hunting experience, unearthing hidden wonders of nature and intriguing local lore.

So, why not transform a beautiful morning in Englewood, Florida, into an exciting exploration of Manasota Beach, hunting for remnants of ancient sharks? Embark on a unique journey in the Shark Tooth Capital of the World and book your place in this extraordinary eco-tour today.

Your Host

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With over two decades of experience in Florida's picturesque landscape, Lee offers an unparalleled expertise as a professional guide. He has devoted these years to exploring and understanding the coastal ecology, specializing in the collection of shark teeth, fossils, and seashells. Lee's passion extends to his personal life as a loving husband and father of two. His background in the hospitality industry, coupled with exceptional social skills, makes him a delightful guide, dedicated to unveiling Florida's hidden treasures. Join him on an eco-friendly tour, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and adventure that awaits you.